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In Remembrance

Edgar Arthur Lucas PhD
Edgar Arthur Lucas PhD, Founding Member and First Elected President of the Southern Sleep Society (1978-1979)

Dr. Martin Cohn
Dr. Martin Cohn, 5th President
of the Southern Sleep Society

Dr. Gregory Ferriss
Dr. Gregory Ferriss, 2nd President of the Southern Sleep Society (1979-1981)

Edgar Arthur Lucas PhD, one of the pioneers of sleep medicine in the US, passed away on August 31, 2022 in Brenham, Texas.

Dr. Lucas played a pivotal role in the development, continuous improvement, administration and scoring of tests for aspiring sleep specialists (Accredited Clinical Polysomnographers) for the Association of Sleep Disorders Centers (now the American Academy of Sleep Medicine) for many years while serving on the examination committee from its inception. In 1978, Dr. Lucas became a founding member and the first elected President of the Southern Sleep Society, and a member of other scientific and honorary societies including the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Sleep Research Society and National Sleep Foundation.

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Sadly, we continue to lose pioneers in the field of sleep medicine, and recently we lost one of our most beloved Presidents — Dr. Martin Cohn. We are also extremely sad to report the loss of one of our most dedicated and beloved first-generation members, Dr. Gregory Ferriss. He was the second President of Southern Sleep Society (1979-1981). Additionally, we have lost another innovator and beloved colleague in sleep medicine — Dr. Allan Rechtschaffen. They are gone but will never be forgotten for the contributions to clinical research and the professional development and recognition of the field of sleep disorders medicine.

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In 2020 and 2021, sleep medicine lost other colleagues well known to members of the Southern Sleep Society: Christian Guilleminault, Dennis Hill, Helio Lemmi, William C. Dement, Mark W. Mahowald and Rosalind Cartwright. Since Dr. William C. Orr knew these individuals personally, he was asked to provide some brief remembrances about them. With the greatest respect and admiration, he wrote the anecdotes linked below.

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