Provided by Southern Sleep Society

The Southern Sleep Society will recharge energy levels and interest in both the clinical and research aspects of sleep medicine and stimulate the minds of young investigators to continue the traditions of training and educating colleagues.

Southern Sleep Society Engages World Sleep Society to Present its 2021 Virtual Conference

The 43rd Annual Southern Sleep Society Meeting is scheduled on April 23-25, 2021 as a virtual event. We had previously made plans to host an in-person conference in Charlotte, NC, but the membership survey overwhelmingly voted to host the meeting as a virtual event in 2021, and in-person in 2022.

Although the event is virtual this year, the program will still offer the usual high-level clinical and research educational opportunity. The program features well-known speakers who will present the latest updates on clinical practice and cutting-edge research. The program will not disappoint, and we will still offer maximal continuing education credits when compared to similar programs. Credits for Physicians, sleep technologists, Respiratory Therapists and other allied health professionals is available.

The Southern Sleep Society is engaging the World Sleep Society to provide the virtual platform for the conference. This will allow participants to attend the conference live or view presentations following the conference.

The Technologist Course will be presented again during the World Sleep Virtual Conference on June 24, 2021.

Registration is now open. Southern Sleep Society members always receive discounted registration fees for attending the conference. Early registration provides additional discounts.


Plans were underway to meet in person in Mid-May, 2021 in Charlotte, NC; however, the Southern Sleep Society is concerned for the safety of its members, colleagues and friends. A survey of the members resulted in the event being re-scheduled as a virtual conference in 2021, and in-person for 2022.



In 2020, numerous sleep colleagues and well-known clinical researchers were lost, including Drs. Christian Guilleminault, Dennis Hill, Helio Lemmi, William C. Dement, Mark W. Mahowald and Rosalind Cartwright.

They are gone but will never be forgotten for the contributions to clinical research and the professional development and recognition of the field of sleep disorders medicine.