Southern Sleep Society
39th Annual Meeting
23-26 March 2017
Houston, TX
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39th Annual Meeting

Jointly Provided by Southern Sleep Society and a CME Provider (to be announced).


The Annual Southern Sleep Society meeting is the oldest regional sleep conference in the country and the most-unique meeting you can attend. Physician CME is provided each year to conferences attendees. Each year, the Southern Sleep Society is preceded by a comprehensive technologist course that provides comprehensive training, education and continuing education credits for sleep technologists.

Sleep Medicine 2017: A Discipline in Transition

Meeting Introduction

The Southern Sleep Society invites you to register and attend its 39th annual meeting in the heart of Texas. The Southern Sleep Society hosts the oldest regional sleep conference in the country and the most-unique meeting you can attend. The society offers Physician CME each year as well as continuing education credits for Nurses and other Allied Health Professionals. The Southern Sleep Society is preceded by a comprehensive technologist course offering training, education and continuing education credits for sleep technologists and Allied Health Professionals.

An incredible faculty is confirmed for the 2017 Conference. Keynote speakers are Drs. Carlos H. Schenck, David P. White and Sharokh Javaheri. Special guest speakers are Steve Van Hout from the AASM and Drs. David Rye, Russell Rosenberg, Todd Swick and William “Mac” Anderson. Southern Sleep Society member speakers are Drs. Philip Becker, Donald Watenpaugh, Denise Sharon, Gregory Carter, Nilgun Giray, Max Hirshkowitz, Shariar Shahzeidi, Amir Sharfkhaeh, Ruckshanda Majid, John Herman and William Broughton.

Course Objectives:

• Recognize the impact of healthcare changes on sleep medicine
• Debate and analyze controversial topics in sleep medicine
• Recognize the spectrum of sleepiness and sleeplessness
• Discuss novel findings related to sleep disordered breathing and other common sleep disorders
• Implement expanded knowledge in sleep disorders into clinical practice
• Apply new methodology and technologies (including sleep telemedicine) into clinical practice

Technologist Course - "Merging Strengths at the Crossroads in Sleep Technology"

The 2017 Southern Sleep Society Technologist Course is an 8-hour course designed to enhance competencies related to future roles in sleep allied health. The Southern Sleep Society and The American Association of Sleep Technologists has partnered to develop and present this unique course. This course will open with a motivational speaker presenting “Goals are Dreams with Deadlines”. This presentation is designed to motivate attendees to learn how to visualize their goals and seize opportunities available in sleep disorders technology. Other presentations encompass implementing a patient education program, strategies to prevent denials, developing a CoA PSG program, achieving success in DME, developing a corporate sleep program, sleep center marketing, patient motivation and collaboration among sleep organizations.

Course Objectives:

• Define current educational issues, trends and models
• Identify links to grow sleep education programs
• Evaluate innovative tools for successful sleep center growth
• Describe methods to leverage knowledge through collaboration

Explore the Agenda and other Events occurring during the conference and make your plans to meet us in Houston, TX on March 23-26, 2017.


JW Marriott Downtown Houston
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Houston, TX

Join us on March 23-26, 2017 in Houston, TX in the heart of downtown Houston's central business district.

Join us on March 23-26, 2017 in Houston, TX in the heart of downtown Houston’s central business district for the 39th Annual Southern Sleep Society Meeting and Technologist Course. Downtown Houston is home to many prominent companies and has an extensive network of pedestrian tunnels and skywalks connecting the buildings. The tunnel system is home to numerous restaurants, shops and services. While there, you will want to make it over to the Texas Medical Center–the largest and most comprehensive medical complex in the world with one of the highest densities of clinical facilities for patient care, basic science and translational research. Houston is also closely linked with NASA’s astronaut training and flight control complex. There is so much to see in Houston, you will want to come early and stay over to visit the world-famous Galleria, the renowned Houston Grand Opera, the Historic District with 19th-century and upscale restaurants, Discovery Green and numerous museums.

Enjoy all the numerous amenities in Houston while taking advantage of an educational conference where sleep physicians, allied health professionals and leading sleep researchers exchange information that will enhance treatment modalities and outcomes for sleep disorder patients. The Southern Sleep Society brings together sleep physicians, primary care, internal medicine, psychiatrists, psychologists, pulmonologists, sleep and pulmonary fellows, nurses, sleep technologists and respiratory therapists.