Interventions, Challenges and Incremental Changes in Sleep Medicine


The Technical Course for Allied Sleep Professionals is specifically designed to address gaps in knowledge of essentials in patient education, cultural understanding, future trends and their implications in the technical practice of sleep medicine. The overall aim of the course is to present a curriculum that exposes participants to contemporary learning techniques, development of new skills and review and evaluation of valuable practices needed for success in the current medical environment. Thus this course targets the development of critical-analytical practice and critical thinking, and presents new approaches for evaluating delivery of care.

Learning Outcomes: The participant is expected to demonstrate ability to:

  • Discuss impact of home sleep testing on sleep medicine
  • Identify neurological patterns and EEG activity that impact sleep disorders
  • Review the treatment options for sleep apnea
  • Implement research in the sleep center
  • Determine marketing strategies that improve the business of sleep


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