Preparing for Future Opportunities in the Ever-Changing World of Sleep Medicine


The course, titled, “Preparing for Future Opportunities in the Ever-Changing World of Sleep Medicine” targets Allied Health Professionals who are currently working in both physician support and technical roles. The course offers a unique perspective and emphasis on future roles in sleep medicine technology.

The course opens with a keynote presentation by Dr. Nancy Collop. This enlightening lecture will focus on the impact payers have on future technical roles in sleep medicine. Entities such as insurance carriers, other third-party payers or health plan sponsors who finance or reimburse the cost of health services will primarily drive the future of sleep medicine.

The course will cover comprehensive lectures on advanced technologies to treat and manage sleep apnea patients. The AAST will present a focused lecture on trends in sleep medicine that are driving the future and discuss the AAST’s strategic plan and how it is designed to ensure a bright future for allied health professionals who are working in sleep medicine. As you peruse the course agenda, it is apparent that you should attend to receive the valuable information that will be presented.

The Program Committee that planned and designed this course formulated the following overall objectives:

  • Discuss trends by payers that drive future roles in sleep technology
  • Identify innovative tools that enhance patient management and safety
  • Learn to think outside the box to stay ahead to ensure the future
  • Describe how the AAST’s strategic plan assures a bright future for the profession

Conference Participants have options to attend the Technologist Course only, or may choose to attend any or all of the days of the Southern Sleep Society Meeting.


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