Merging Strengths at the Crossroads in Sleep Technology


The 2017 Technologist Course is the most unique educational event that Southern Sleep Society has offered for allied health professionals. We are pleased that The American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST) has joined Southern Sleep Society to present “Merging Strengths at the Crossroads in Sleep Technology”. This 8-hour course is focused toward practitioners who are either working in advanced roles in sleep technology and patient education.

Competencies covered in the course include goal setting techniques and skill advancement, developing patient education programs, setting up thriving polysomnography programs, methods for successful in-center sleep study authorizations, legal use of educational codes, advanced marketing of sleep programs, corporate sleep programs, patient motivation techniques and maintaining success in changing roles in sleep technology…

The course opens with a powerful motivational speaker who will set the tone for the program.

Mary Smith is a Ziglar Legacy Certified trainer, coach and leadership development expert who has presented at various educational conferences throughout Texas including Rigor, Relevance and Relationships. She is deeply involved in presenting staff development to teachers and administrators throughout the state of Texas. 

The Program Committee that planned and designed this course formulated the following overall objectives:

  • Define current educational issues, trends and models
  • Identify links to grow sleep education programs
  • Evaluate innovative tools for successful sleep center growth
  • Describe methods to leverage knowledge through collaboration

Conference Participants have options to attend the Technologist Course only, or may choose to attend any or all of the days of the Southern Sleep Society Meeting.


Click the following link to view the meeting agenda.

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